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    Jan 20, 2023

    Refining Morgenland Teppiche's Online Presence


    Morgenland Teppiche, renowned for crafting exquisite rugs, embarked on a digital journey to enhance its global presence. Rooted in Afghanistan's heritage and flourishing in Germany, the company aimed to elevate its online footprint. This case study delves into the strategic steps taken to bolster Morgenland Teppiche's visibility and success on the internet.

    Background & Challenges

    • Client: Morgenland Teppiche
    • Industry: Manufacturing, Retail, Rugs
    • Country: Germany


    Morgenland Teppiche faced pivotal digital impediments:

    • Global Reach Expansion: Introduce new domains to amplify market presence and cater to diverse audiences.
    • Performance Optimization: Elevate site speed and responsiveness, ensuring an enriched user experience.
    • Design & SEO Enhancement: Craft visually appealing designs and implement SEO strategies to maximize online visibility and engagement.

    Strategic Approach & Implementation:

    Objective: Transform the platform, enhance user experience, and increase market

    Key Initiatives:

    • Holistic Roadmap: Detailed planning involved performance audits, SEO enhancements, and multilingual translations.
    • Collaborative Workflow: Structured sprints, daily updates, and client engagement workshops for effective teamwork.

    Implemented Solutions:

    • Performance Enhancement: Upgraded framework, refactored code, and adopted server-side rendering (SSR).
    • SEO & Design Enhancement: Multilingual translations, SEO audits, and engaging design transformations.

    Data Comparison: Before & After Implementation:

    Performance Metrics:

      Decemeber 2023:
      • Overall: A
      • Core Web Vitals: Passed
      • LCP: 1.5s
      • FCP: 1.1s
      Decemeber 2022:
      • Overall: D
      • Core Web Vitals: Failed
      • LCP: 6.8s
      • FCP: 3.5s
    Case Study Performance

    SEO Performance:

      October - Decemeber 2023:
      • Total Impression: 1.21M
      • Total Clicks: 20.7K
      • Average CTR: 1.7%
      • Average Position: 13.4
      October - Decemeber 2022:
      • Total Impression: 608K
      • Total Clicks: 7.43K
      • Average CTR: 1.2%
      • Average Position: 18.6
    Case Study SEO

    Outcomes & Measurable Results:

    • Improved Performance: Resulted in faster loading times, reducing bounce rates.
    • Improved Web Traffic: Optimizations led to increased site visits and improved conversion rates.
    • Enhanced Search Functionality: Improved user navigation and satisfaction.
    • Morgenland Cpanel Integration: Seamless integration provided a user-friendly control panel, enhancing overall user experience.


    The transformational journey of Morgenland Teppiche's digital presence showcases not only a technical upgrade but a significant leap in user experience and market visibility. By strategically addressing challenges and implementing holistic solutions, the company now stands at the intersection of efficiency, aesthetics, and global reach. The notable improvements in performance metrics and SEO outcomes underscore the success of the undertaken initiatives.


    Working with Rohan Shakya and the team has been a game-changer for Morgenland Teppiche. Their expertise and strategic approach have not only elevated our online presence but also brought tangible results. The website's performance is now exceptional, and the seamless integration of new domains, improved search functionality, and captivating designs have truly amplified our market visibility.
    - Adish Kattel, Project Manager, Morgenland Teppiche